Crocodile & Shark Water Squirter Toy For Kids

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When it comes to cooling off your kids in the scorching summer heat, lemonade, ice cream, a cold shower or a swim in the pool are the activities that pop up in our minds.

But how can we forget the vim and vigor a water fight provides your kids.

When you hear the phrase "water fight," what is the first thing that springs to mind?

Squirt guns!

Without these, a water fight isn't really a fight.
We bring these crocodile & shark water squirters for you that are great fun to play with. With these squirter toys, you can make things exciting for your kids and allow them to have as much fun as possible on those hot summer days.

These water squirters are safe for children. Get your hands on these and make sure your kids are staying active despite the heat.


  • Summer enjoyment: Add a water fight to your children's weekly activities, which they will enjoy doing with their friends. Allow children to forget about the summer heat by keeping them occupied with exciting water games with the water squirters. Friendly competition is always beneficial for all the parties involved.
  • Safe to use: The squirters are designed specifically for children. The water blowhole is safe for youngsters to play with because it ejects water at a reasonable pressure. 
  • Lightweight to hold: It's past time to quit the use of classic heavy-weight squirt guns, which were notoriously difficult for children to fill, aim, and squirt. Purchase these lightweight ones for your children so they can enjoy them to the fullest.
  • Encourages outdoor activities: These crocodile & shark squirt guns will undoubtedly motivate your children to engage in exciting outdoor activities. Pool parties, beach picnics, and backyard barbeques are all great options to play with these.