Crystal Ball Lens Photography Sphere

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Now you can Capture the World in Beautifully Unique Spherical Photo Effects with this one-of-a-kind Crystal Ball Lens Photography Sphere! Anyone can create amazing, never-before-seen images of unique places or simply capture a point-of-view unlike any other! The uses are endless and the results will always be spectacular!

This stunning lens ball is made of ultra-clear crystal that's incredibly hard, and scratch resistant. This same type of crystal is most commonly used to make lenses and other optic products.

The photography sphere ball is very easy to use: After finding the perfect location, just place it on any surface, point your camera to shoot through the center of the sphere and press the shutter button. Voila! Instantly you've created a captivating image that will most certainly take your breath away!

At 50mm, the Crystal Ball Lens Photography Sphere is quite large, giving you the best possible photo effect results, however, it weighs only 250 grams making it the perfect size for traveling.

Each sphere is a one-of-a-kind piece of art and has its own characteristics, meaning each one will create its own unique photo-effects. No two are alike- making each and every photography crystal ball unique!

The sphere will be a gorgeous addition to your current camera gear and is sure to spark the interest of everyone around you! Of course, the real benefit is that it allows you to capture breathtaking and unique images that will amaze everyone that sees them!


1. Typography: Make small text larger and large text smaller.
2. Altering structure: Provides a 3D effect to flat surfaces.
3. Portraits: Capture laterally inverted portraits.