Crystal Color Changing Touch Operated

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homeandgadget Home Transparent Crystal Color Changing Touch Operated + Remote Control Lamp
homeandgadget Home Colorful Crystal Color Changing Touch Operated + Remote Control Lamp
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Do you love roses?

And what about crystals? If you are a woman or a man with an artistic side, the answer would surely be “yes”. Now imagine a light fixture that encapsulates the effects of both these magical objects.

C’mon now, don’t imagine… Look 👀

Look at this mesmerizing piece of art – the crystal color-changing table lamp. Shaped up as a crystal tower, it throws a rose-designed glow on the surface. Soothing, beautiful and unique.

Romanticize your special evenings or enhance the coziness of your room at night – this touch-based table lamp is great for the bedroom, living room, kitchen and lounge. 

What you’ll get:

  • Exquisite color changing: The touch-based variant phases between white and warm white colors. Change the color by tapping the top panel and long-press it to change the brightness. The remote control variant offers a total of 15 colors. Control this lamp with the remote to get the affect you desire.
  • Saves energy & turns on anytime: It has a rechargeable battery which offers about 6-8 hours of usage time. Simply charge it and use it without any power source afterward.
  • Multiple uses: Use it as a nightlight for your bedroom, as a romantic table lamp for your anniversary, as a party light for your birthday celebration or Christmas.