Cute Elephant Sprinkler Bath Toy

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As parents, you could die to see an amusing giggle on the faces of your kids, right?

They are your life and your most treasured possession. 

But what makes your kids jump with vim and vigor?

It’s water, of course. Anything that sprays water droplets on their tiny, little heads and soft body is enough to drive them crazy.

So, it’s time to bring this fun baby elephant sprinkler bath toy home. It can easily be attached to the wall; one end sucks in the water while the other end showers it over the kids. You are guaranteed to get loads of hugs and kisses from your children now.


  • Shower head with 2 configurations: The kids can either choose the shower setting or a constant stream of water, depending on the type of water sport they are playing. It can be rotated 360 degrees as well, allowing for greater fun. No need to take them to the water park now as they can have the same fun in their bathtubs. Pair it up with water slides and floating objects.
  • Easy attachment: Your kids won’t have to keep holding the sprinkler in their hands. It can easily be attached by 4 powerful suction cups attached to the backside. Clean and dry the wall or the bathtub surface before attaching it.
  • No break in the water fun: The elephant baby toy sprinkler is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are enclosed within a waterproof battery compartment. You or your kids can turn it on and off using the single button on the elephant’s belly. The water pump will suck in the water present in the bathtub and shower it continuously over them. Have a fun-packed water bath time together with your kids.