Cute Moon Unicorn Night Light

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Do you wish to witness the eye-pleasing beauty and calming sight of the moon whenever and wherever you want?

Ah, how magical it can be if you can enjoy the brightness of life while sitting in the dark.

No, no, not in your yard or at your rooftop but right from your comfy bedroom space!

Nope, not talking about standing hours at the window admiring the breathtaking sky with all the sparkly stars surrounding the queen of the night, the moon.

But, right in your bed, looking at the glowy cute moon unicorn night light.

It has the magic of a unicorn and the beauty of a moon with a soft spark of brightness.

Illuminate your dull and dark corners of the house magically!


  • Cute decoration: When turned off, it can be a lovely and appealing decoration item for your home. Place it on the dining table, put it in the lounge, or beautify your kid's bedside. The choices are endless!
  • A special gift: Every kid, adult, and even oldies will fall in love with the unicorn and moon shaped night light at first sight because it is that adorable and eye-pleasing.
  • Pleasing glow in the dark: This moonlight unicorn bluey has a soft illumination that is enough to add a subtle brightness to the room at night. Place it in your kid's room to let him feel safe at night.