Deemli Ring Toss Game

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Do you experience stress on a regular basis? And you can't seem to find a quick solution to any problem?


You know, playing productive games reduces stress and improves problem-solving abilities?

Our Deemli Ring Toss Game is an ideal play game for stressful moments!

Wooden and steel-made, this ring game is a great way to exercise your brain. 

Move the dice one step closer to your opponent each time the ring lands on the hook. The winner will be whose dice moves off the end first.

What you'll get

  • Create a productive environment: Gradually recover from stress and make yourself resolve a matter quickly with this ring game. So, have a good time while maintaining your health.
  • Enjoy at any time & any place: Portable to bring anywhere and have a sound game. Everyone enjoys at the fullest by playing this game.  
  • A long-term relation: Regardless of how long you use it, each game component remains durable and will be playful for months and years to come.