Digital Coin Counting Money Jar

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Want to convince your kids to save up for their favorite LED dragon robot toy?

Or want to save yourself for an expensive pink purse lined with golden stars you saw at the shop down the alley?

Get a money-saving jar as soon as possible.

It convinces you to drop some money into it every day. But wait, hold your horses, don’t just dash to your kitchen and take out a transparent plastic jar from the cabinet.

We have an exceptional replacement for you – a coin counting jar that shows the exact amount of money you drop into it. A jar that counts whether you have dropped a dime, quarter, 10 pence or 5 cents and adds them.

How literally, out-of-the-world, pat-on-the-back cool is that! Initiate ripples of excitement down the stomachs of your kids and yourself when seeing the counter going up and up!


  • Accurately counting digital LCD screen: The secret of the coin counting money jar lies in the cap. It includes an electronic sensor that detects the coin denomination accurately, whether it is dollars, euros or pounds. As you continue to drop each coin, it blinks with the amount for some time and then quickly adds it into the previous total.
  • Manual buttons for greater convenience: It also includes an add and subtract button. If you have to take out some coins from it, you simply subtract the amount by using the subtract button. If you have to add the coins without sending them through the counter, press the add button.
  • Garners money-saving habit: There is nothing better than this coin counting jar in garnering money-saving habit in your kids or even you. They will excitedly drop the dimes or pennies in it and see which number the counter returns. It can also be used to teach kids about mathematics.
  • Large size to store many coins: This digital coin bank can hold almost 800 coins. 

* When you observe the digits on the counters are getting lighter, it means you have to change the batteries.