DIY Self Adhesive Easy Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder

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homeandgadget Home Grey DIY Self Adhesive Easy Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder
homeandgadget Home DIY Self Adhesive Easy Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder
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An unorganized cord of any appliance gets tangled and makes a mess.

It can also get damped and cause a short circuit. So keeping it in the order must be your top priority.

But how to do it?

Simply leash your hands at this DIY Self Adhesive Easy Kitchen Appliance Cord Winder and keep yourself safe from any mess up or danger. It keeps the cord organized close to the appliance.

This winder is efficient, convenient, and simple to install.

What you’ll get:

  • Keep wire organized: This cord winder keeps the wire arranged. Simply spin the cord around it, insert the last corner into its clip, and get it organized in a matter of seconds.
  • Non-slip force: The strong adhesive system is strongly attached to any place and avoids tripping. The clip also firmly holds the wire and prevents slipping.
  • Simple to install: You can install this winder in 1 minute. Simply tear off its releasing band and secure it with your desired appliance. Begin to use it after a couple of hours.
  • Wide compatibility: This kitchen appliance cord winder is perfect to use with any electronic device, including a rice cooker, air fryer, microwave oven, blender, coffee machine, toaster, etc.


Package contains 1 pc