Dog Backpack Sack Carrier

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Got a dog that loves to tag along on outdoor adventures but can't keep up?

Well, don't lose your sleep over it and get this hands-free dog backpack sack carrier.

This is ideal for carrying your dog on your shoulders while you enjoy a walk in the park, bike ride to the market, or hike a nearby hill.  

Comfortable for both you and your four-legged friend, this dog carrier is perfect for letting both of you enjoy outdoor activities and strengthening the bond.

What you'll get:

  • Comfortable dog carrier: This dog carrier has an adjustable opening and breathable mesh that makes it comfortable for the dog. You can adjust the opening as per your dog's size and make it relaxing.
  • Extra storage: The dog carrier has one front pocket and 2 side pockets to store extra things in it. Water bottle, dog treats, or his leash, you can conveniently use the pockets to store things like these.
  • Easy to wear: The adjustable straps of the dog carrier make it comfortable to wear on your shoulders. They are shaped wide for padded effect and have a reflective cover that gives it a safety feature. You'll be noticeable in the dark while wearing this dog backpack.
  • Durable build: The fabric of this dog carrier is strong, durable, and waterproof. Strong winds or rain will not affect this backpack. It is reliable to carry your pet on long journeys.
S (collar circumference 30-40cm), bust (60-66cm), back length (43cm)
M(collar circumference 35-45cm), bust (70-76cm), back length (50cm)
L (collar circumference 40-50cm), bust (75-80cm), back length (58cm)
XL (collar circumference 48-63cm), bust (83-94cm), back length (68cm)