Dog Chew Cleaner

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Cleaning puppy teeth with a conventional brush get it annoyed.

Your pet tries to run away and hesitates the hygienic activity.

Prevent this type of situation and get your puppy ready at all times for teeth brushing with our Dog Chew Cleaner.

This silicone-made cleaner ensures to clean your pet’s teeth besides making it enjoy eating to the fullest.

What you’ll get:

  • Comfortable brushing: The soft bristles are attached to the space inside this cleaner that can be filled with your pet’s favorite food. When the dog chews this brush to eat the treats, teeth get cleaned. The material is fully soft not to irritate your dog and make it enjoy the food while getting its teeth unstained and scrubbed.
  • Perfect anxiety reducer: Give this rub teeth brush to your dog to chew if it feels anxious and easily gets out of control. It’ll help out to keep your pet calm and gradually recovers it from anxiety.
  • Efficient brushing: The brush has double-sided sharp rubber blades that work just like a human brush to get rid of all the dental calculus deeply from your dog’s mouth.