Dot Shaped Self Adhesive Tape

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What if you create a beautiful chart and set it on your wall?

But your adhesive tape isn't strong enough to hold the chart in place!

The chart will collapse, and all of your hard work will be lost!

Nope – our Dot-Shaped Self Adhesive Tape is here to value your efforts!

The adhesiveness is strong enough to secure the poster on the wall.

What you'll get

  • Secure whatever you want quickly: Whether you want to fasten cables, charts, paper, or tags, this adhesive tape perfectly goes with all of your tasks. It stays intact and never falls from the wall.
  • Simple & Feasible Usage: Applying this dot adhesive tape is fully convenient. Just clean the wall and attach the hook with it and leave it for five minutes. Stick the loop part with the chart and bind up both hook and loop with each other.