Double Spray Projection Humidifier

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Want to create a magical experience in your room for a romantic date night with your partner?

Or are you looking for the most relaxing night lamp for your kid to feel safe while sleeping alone in his room?

We have killed both these birds with this double spray projection humidifier, an excellent light source that makes the environment whimsical and humidifies the dry air as well. 

Place it anywhere in your house and let it spread its magic to every corner.

What you’ll get:

  • Double spray nozzle: The double spray nozzle of the humidifier doubles its speed to counter the dryness of any place. It humidifies the air preventing dry skin issues. Click the spray button to start spraying, click the button the second time to start phased spraying, and click the button a third time to stop spraying.
  • Cool projection: The projector lamp displays cool light across the room. The 360 degree rotaing display looks like that of celestial bodies and brings an enchanting vibe to the place. Long press the rotation button for 1.5 seconds to turn on the rotation, and long press again for 1.5 seconds to turn it off.
  • Multi-colored light: The light source has various modes. You can adjust the light color as per your mood and spread beautiful colors across the room. Pressing the button 1 time will spread blue light, press 2 times for yellow light and three times for white light, fourth time pressing will spread a monochromatic to two-color and then three-color gradient light.
  • Noiseless & automatic operation: Fill the container with water and let the humidifier spread fine spray. It works in a noiseless manner so that you can keep it near you while working. Once the water is finished, the humidifier will automatically stop working.

Note: Use mineral water or tap water. Don’t add oily essential oils or corrosive liquids. Only add water-soluble essential oils. Just drop 2-5 drops into the water.