Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment

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Not only is excessive lint in your dryer frustrating, because it keeps your clothing from drying completely, but it's also a dangerous, fire hazard!  It might not look scary, but it's the cause of more than 20,000 house fires each and every year, causing millions of dollars in damage! So regular cleaning and maintenance of your dryer's lint trap can protect your home and your loved ones!

Besides the obvious danger caused by lint trapped in your dryer, one of the most common dryer problems is having to dry the same load of clothes two or three times, just to get them perfectly dry. Now, we've got a super easy way to solve that problem and your dryer will thank you for it!


Three signs that your dryer vent is clogged with lint:

  • Your clothes take forever to dry!
  • When the dryer is running, there's a burnt smell.
  • While drying normal dryer loads, your dryer gets very hot!

Removing lint from the trap can be a tricky situation! If you pull at it with your hands, you'll probably end up with tiny particles falling all over the floor and dusty debris landing on your freshly washed clothes!

The Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment will attach to any vacuum cleaner and it sucks up lint at lightening speed, sending it straight to the vacuum bag, where it can never cause trouble again!

If you struggle to keep your dryer, lint free, then this lint remover vacuum attachment is just the device you need for easy clean up!

  • Hard to reach areas and small spaces- You know that creepy crawl space you deliberately avoid? How many years’ worth of lint do you think are trapped in there? Not with this vacuum attachment! 
  • Breathe a little easier- Lint can be just as aggravating as dust, if you suffer with allergies or asthma. Get rid of it and enjoy easy breathing!
  • Up high or down low- With over 3 feet of hose, it's just as easy to vacuum the ceilings, as it is to vacuum the floors, and it stretches, so you won’t have to!
  • Universal fit- Worried this attachment won’t fit your vacuum? Well, you don't have to be. It easily attaches to pretty much any vacuum cleaner, no matter what make or model.
  • 3 suction settings- Planning a little light housework? Then you can go easy on the suction. Determined to do some heavy duty cleaning? Crank it all the way up. Or you can just hang out somewhere in the middle. That dust and dirt doesn't stand a chance!

One little spark and that lint can go up in flames! Clean out your dryer, and keep your family safe from fires!

There's bound to be lint lurking somewhere in your house, right now! Get your Dryer Lint Vacuum Attachment now and make lint disappear!

It'll definitely be back, but when it returns, you’ll know just what to reach for!