Egg Breaker

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Cracking the eggs open is an everyday task in your house. You do it every morning to create a delectable breakfast for your kids and husband.

You do it for baking their favorite chocolate cake. You do it while making scrumptious egg sandwiches. But isn’t hitting them on the edge of your countertop messy?

Yes, some part of the egg white gets deposited on the edges and gives off a bad smell afterward.

And what to do when you have to separate egg yolks? Have a separate egg yolk separator? No.

The savior is here – the 2-in-1 egg breaker & separator tool. Place your beige egg inside the tool, press the handle and crack… the contents spill onto the ceramic bowl while the eggshells are held sturdily by the tool.

No broken eggshells, no egg white mess and it’s pretty useful for arthritis patients and people with weak hands and nerve damage.

What you’ll get:

  • Crack eggs in a jiffy: Get ready to crack open eggs quickly for your breakfast, baking and lunch needs. There is a blade present at the bottom side of the tool. When the pressure is applied from the top, the blade exerts an upward pressure and cracks open the egg.
  • Separates egg white conveniently: Place the egg yolk separator attachment and easily separate the whites from the yolk for those high BP patients and gym freaks. It is suitable for small eggs of chicken, goose and duck. Not suitable for ostrich eggs.