Egg Shell Cutter Opener For Hard Boiled & Raw Eggs

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A kitchen is your altar where you practice your culinary spells and come up with awe-striking recipes to impress others. But your arsenal is always in the thirst for more utensils, isn’t it?

So, here’s the newest addition to your line of egg collection – the legendary eggshell cutter. Its lift-and-release system neatly snips off the top of your egg’s shell so that you can use it for making egg pudding or custard. Isn't it just the tool you always needed for your egg decoration dishes!

What you’ll get:

  • A reliable egg top cutter: Unlike other designs of egg top cutters, this one delivers the result every time. The secret lies in the force generated by the ball handle. It delivers the cut at just the right level as well.
  • Cracking of eggs of every size: Be it a hen’s, duck’s, or a goose egg, this tool can handle all of them. The diameter of the dome is approximately 3.5 cm which sits comfortably on almost all eggs. Remove the egg white and use the yolk to prepare delicious egg pudding or other egg dishes you have in your mind.
  • Simple operation: Place the egg on a bottle cap, position the dome of the eggshell cutter on the top of the egg, lift the ball handle and release it so it lands on the dome. Cutting the shell normally takes only one or two blows. It is useful for both hard-boiled and raw eggs. Use the emptied eggshells to pour in curry, salad, pudding or jelly. They can also be used to house small succulent plants.