Electric Heated Lunch Box

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Always on the Go and Tired of Cold or Fast Food? Can't Stand the Smell and Poor Hygiene of Communal Microwave Ovens?

Avoid having to wait in line for the office microwave. The Electric Heated Lunch Box uses thermoelectric technology to make your food piping hot in minutes.

It’s rugged and lightweight, with a leak proof seal that makes it safe to carry in your backpack, tote or briefcase. Just press a button to start warming and open the pressure release valve to vent steam. Great for healthy eating, camping, school lunches and more. .

What you’ll get:

  • Food warmer: The lunchbox electrically warms your food and keeps it fresh for you to eat. Plug it in the power source to warm the food and remove the plug before you start eating.
  • 2 compartment lunch: The lunch box has two separate compartments ideal for storing different meals. Either place veggies in one portion and proteins in the other or make the lunch a mixture of sweet and salty food by placing each in separate sections.
  • Portable: The small and lightweight design of the lunch box makes it highly portable. Take it to your office, college, or on a long road trip and eat warm and fresh food wherever you are.