Electricity Saver Device

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You must be wondering how to save power? With Electricity Saver Device it is very easy to save electricity. Just connect this small device to your electric circuit, and it will reduce your electricity consumption by 20-35%. You can use this device at your residence, factory, office, or even in your basement. It works silently to reduce your electricity bills.  

Saving Energy : According to customer habit and feedback, 2 packs or more electronic saving boxes can be used in a family with many electric appliances and loading carry, providing stable voltage and balance the current, prevent voltage instability, let electricity stable equilibrium, achieve power-saving effect, and improve the use of electrical appliances power, avoid the waste of electricity, and extend the life of the electrical product.

Safe and Reliable: The power saver device will release the electricity which it stored by using a system of capacitors in a smoother way to normal without the spikes in power when it works under the rated load, the external shell adopts advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof material, and internal leakage protection measures make it safe and reliable.

Easy to Use: You just plug the electricity energy saver into a power socket and the green indicator light will be bright, then starts to work by keeping the device connected; it will reduce your power consumption.

The Range of Application: We can see the merit of this electricity bill killer on air conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, water pump, induction cooker, electric kettle, etc…And the power factor saver can prevent electrical overheating when it operates normally with the rated load; this is truly a great advantage.
Quality and After-service: And we will be tracking customer's product experience in time, and make an efficient and quick after-service for you.


Rated voltage: 90v-250v
Working temperature: -60-75 degree
Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Effective carrying capacity: 15,000 W or 18,000