Electronic Rotating Butterfly Cat Toy

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We know you love cats. In fact, there are more than 31 million households in America that own cats. They are lovely creatures: give you cuddles when you want, play with your kids and grandkids and listens to you when you are gloomy.

But they are living creatures as well – they need entertainment too; they deserve to have playful evenings too. But aren’t you fed up with feeding them with chew toys and balls?

It’s time to unleash the tigress in her. Get her this fluttering butterfly cat toy and see her leaping on the plastic butterfly tied with a transparent wand. Imagine her flying paws, her wagging tail, her thumping heartbeat; wouldn’t it be out-of-the-world entertainment for her?

Not only will it be a fun time for her, it will polish her rusty hunting skills as well.


  • Interactive funny cat toy: If you have a lazy and sluggish cat, this is the product for her. With motorized spinning, the butterfly creates an interactive catching game for the cat who, in an effort to snatch the insect, has to make efforts such as clutching, hurling, snatching and pouncing, which will make her active and improve her hunting skills.
  • Hassle-free support system: The fluttering butterfly cat toy has been designed with precise considerations. Because the cat will pounce on the butterfly that can easily cause the toy to topple over, it has been designed in such a way that the center of gravity is lowered. There are 4 feet that have anti-skid points on them. In addition, the body has been made heavy by using ABS and PP material.
  • Keeps you free for chores: Having a pet is a good way of keeping you happy but what if they continue to demand your attention while you are doing household chores? This battery operated cat toy gives you that freedom. Your cat or kitten will play with the toy while you complete your daily chores like cleaning, gardening and cooking.
  • No break in the fun: The rotating butterfly is covered with a fluorescent coating which allows it to glow in the dark. Your feline can play with it at night as well.