Fishtail Braid Stick

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Braids in different styles are the desire of every girl. But it’s hard to make stylish braids yourself, and not everyone can afford salon expenses.

Turn the table around and style your hair in a beautiful braid with extreme ease, all thanks to this Quick-Tie Fishtail Braid Stick.

What you’ll get:

  • Quick fishtail braid: The unique and simple mechanism of this braid stick creates a fishtail braid quickly. Simply put your hair layers across the loops of the stick one by one and create a beautiful hairstyle.
  • Reliable option: It’s flexible to protect your hair from damage and doesn’t cause tangling. It’s washable – rinse it with water whenever you find it dirty, and it is ready to use again. 
  • Anti-salon option: This hair styler helps you make a fishtail braid without taking a hand from anyone – No more stress of salon expenses.