Flexible Baby Teether Ball

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Do your little kids love chewing your finger? We know it’s cute and you cherish this moment but you can’t always be present for them.

And you can’t leave them crying as well. So what to do?

Get them a teether toy. But not an ordinary one. One that stimulates his gums, one that enhances his motor skills, one that develops his tactile senses, one that is perfectly designed for the baby – yes, this baby teether ball.

It’s accurately sized for grasping and chewing, soft enough to protect the immature gums of your baby but hard enough to make them strong.

Soft and squishy, it’s ideal for tiny, soft, lovable fists to hold as well.


  • Targets different teething stages of the baby: Your baby is born with a set of twenty teeth beneath the gums. Quickly incisors began to grow, followed by molars and canines. This baby teether ball targets all the teething stages of your baby and provides the teeth with an optimal growing environment, thanks to the carefully designed circular hoops.
  • Promotes motor skills: The hoops of the teether are easy to grasp which enhances the motor skills of your kid as well. He/she can hold it, put it inside their mouths, spin it around while lying on the bed and run after it when they start crawling. The attractive colors will keep your kid engaged and interested.
  • Assists in the growth of teeth: The soft, curved surfaces of the teether ball stimulates the gums and strengthens them, helping in the aligned and proper growth of teeth.

Easy to clean: Simply put it inside warm water (100oC) and sterilize it after every 2-5 days. It should be kept away from fire, though.