Flexible Sticky Hand Toys

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You can never expect a single toy to keep entertaining your kids for long.

At one time, they will be begging you for a set of dominoes and, at the other, frowning at their sight. That’s just how they are.

But here’s a toy they will not be bored of any time soon – the sticky hand toys. You get 10 pieces of flexible, squishy hands that you and your kids can have unlimited fun with.

Aim at a piece of chalk lying far away from you or make your kid catch a particular card from many placed at the table, with it.

What you’ll get:

  • Chance to make fun-packed games: These stretchy and sticky slap hands are great for parties and gag gatherings. You can have points for each correct aim made with these hands at a Halloween party. You can take off a sticky pad from the wall using it at your workplace. You can have 10 numbered cards placed together and have your kid catch the number you call out. There’s plenty to do with them.
  • A fun learning game for kids: They are not only meant for jokes. You can make learning fun for your kids with these toys too. Have a ladder made out of chalk on the floor with numbers written after every rung. Then, carry out a series of mathematical sums with your kid (e.g. what is 2+6) and he/she should aim the sticky hand on the correct number. 

*includes 10 random color pcs