Floor Carpet Cord Cover

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Be it home or office. Unattended wires lying on the floor are an eye-sore. Telephone connection, internet cables, computer setup, extensions, insulation cords, and other protective wirings can really create a mess around.

Not to mention the times they have caused you to trip over the wire clutter. But, most importantly, the unmanaged and exposed wiring is never safe as it increases the chances of electric shock, unexpected accidents, electrocution, etc.

So, it is best to invest in hiding those risky lines on the floor.

Don't have the money to spend tons on cable management? With our fabric floor carpet cord cover, you don't have to. It's such an inexpensive solution to all your future expensive wiring problems.


  • Easy attachment: Our cord covers don't require any special installation. Instead, you only need to paste the hook on the carpet and loop on the floor for a firm grip.
  • One cord protector for all wires: It can hold multiple electrical cables at one time giving your space a neat appearance. A perfect tool for ideal wire management.
  • Prevents accidents: It securely hides exposed cords that can otherwise make you trip or cause an unexpected electric shock.