Floor Mattress Blanket Carpet Sofa Retainer

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Have you ever slipped because the floor mat slid when you walked over it?

If yes, you must know how hurtful it can be.

To overcome such problems, get this floor mat carpet sofa retainer that is good for keeping the floor mat in its place and can also be used to keep the sofa covers or cushions in their place.

These retainers are velcro adhesive that gives them restraining power.

What you’ll get:

  • Anti-slip sofa cover pads: Stop being tired of adjusting sofa covers after sitting or standing from your seat. These sofa retainer pads will keep the covers in their place. So sit comfortably on the sofa without worrying about the cushions or covers slipping under you.
  • Hidden stickers: These sticker pads are installed under the cushion or the cover which hides them. These won’t compromise the beauty of your sofas, and your guests won’t be able to spot them either.
  • Multi-use: Not just for sofa cushions, but these pads are ideal for floor mats outside the bathroom, carpets, or to hold wall-mounted holders.
  • Easy installation: With its strong velcro adhesiveness, you can easily install them. Remove the sticky covers from the back of the loop and hook part of the pads, paste them on the desired spots, and combine their velcro sides.


Package includes: 20pcs