Foldable 3-Ply Fruit Plate

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Want something special to serve your guests food in?

Are you tired of using the ordinary trays and want to bless your dining table with something exquisite that has never been seen before?


Let’s end your search for the right serving tray with this foldable 3-ply fruit plate.

It is uniquely styled to grab your guest’s complete attention and is spacious enough to keep a lot of food on it.

What you’ll get:

  • Unique & beautiful design: 3 tier design of the plate is undoubtedly a unique take on serving trays. With an elevated plate above the other two, this whole set takes less space on the table.
  • Excellent storage space: 3 plates attached together to make a lot of space to place different eatables. Separate plates mean that nothing will mix with each other.
  • Multi-use: Place fruits on one plate, biscuits on the other, and crackers on the last one. It is completely your choice how you want to make use of it. It is also ideal to use as a cake or dessert stand.
  • Easy storage: This foldable 3-ply fruit plate can be packed to a size of a single tray, making it easy to store. The hanger on top is ideal for hanging the plate on a hook.