Folding Car Rooftop Doorstep Foot Peg

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Do you still use stools, chairs and ladders to access the roof of your car, either to clean it or to do loading and unloading?

Or do you have to call your brother, father, husband, aunt or anyone taller than you to get things done?

They could help you out with the luggage for sure but when the chore is car cleaning, you have to do it on your own, right. So how to simplify this task?

It’s right in front of your eyes, the award-winning car doorstep. And why are we calling it award-winning? Because it has enthralled the inventors and engineers globally and got sky-reaching investments from the investors.

The idea is simple though – it hooks to the door striker of your car, SUV, wagon or RV so that you can stand on it and access the roof.   


  • Effortless access to the car’s roof: If you are short-heightened or have a sore back, reaching the rooftop of the car becomes quite difficult. This gadget allows you to hook it to the door striker and stand on it easily to get a bird’s eye view of your roof now. It can sustain a weight of 400 lbs, so you can be fearless when standing on top of it.
  • No scraping of the paint: The entire body of the car rooftop doorstep is made of silicone and padded with rubber so there is no need to worry about the damaging and scratching of the vehicle’s paint.
  • Universal fit: The angle-adjustable bearing design of the gadget makes it suitable for both straight and tilted door strikers. It can be hooked easily to any car, SUV, RV, Wrangler, Chevy, Subaru or wagon you use for picnics, camping and weekend trips with the family. There are 3 ways to attach it. Either pull up the Aluminum buckle, keep it pulled down or hook the thick silicone pad of the base with the car doorstep.
  • Portable & easy to store: Its folding configuration allows it to be stored and carried anywhere with you. No need to wait for other people to get up to the roof when you have this gadget. It’s ideal for your loading and unloading of suitcases, kayaks, bikes or surfing boards.
  • Use as a safety hammer: It can also be used as a safety hammer to break the window in case of any unfortunate incident.