Food Grade Silicone Mat Macaron Baking Kit

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Adding cupcakes to the tea party menu at your house is an old-fashioned and untrendy addition to the evening. Want something more exquisite and fancy?

The French macarons.

These are light as feathers, whereas cupcakes are dense; dainty whereas cupcakes are all messy; fancy whereas cupcakes are elementary.

Sounds appealing? Of course, they do.

But, making these French delicacies is a tricky task. One that requires skilled hands equipped with all the essential tools.  

Don't worry, we have just the perfect thing you need to have.

This macaron baking kit bakes these ethereal and delicious sweet treats. Use this kit to make café styled macarons with your own hands in your own kitchen for your loved ones and receive rounds of praises from them.


  • A complete kit: Buying this kit will give you access to a non-stick baking sheet, a batter dispenser pen and four nozzles to dispense better carefully and efficiently. The dispenser comes with a lid to ensure safe storage and the mat has ridges that prevent macarons from overlapping.
  • Quick baking: With 48 molds on the mat, it can make 24 macarons in a single go. Beat the best of the best in quick macaron-making contests with this kit and become a pro at making these French delicacies.
  • Multiple uses: The macaron tray is temperature resistant from -50o C to 250oC. Ideal for putting in heating ovens or freezing cold refrigerators. Your Christmas and Thanksgiving meals just got sweeter.
  • Safe use: The macaron baking kit components are made with food-grade silicone, which ensures that this doesn't contain any toxic elements and that any food that comes in its contact is safe to eat.