Food Insulation Dish Cover

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Children often ignore their meals while playing games and watching cartoons, so the best way of ensuring that your kids eat throughout the day is by placing cooked food and fruits within their sight.

Place frozen yogurt, puddings, or pancakes on the dining table, and you won’t even have to ask the kids to eat. The aroma will attract little ones themselves.

But you need something to cover the food and keep it fresh for long.

Enter- food insulation dish cover. It ideally protects the food from dust and flies, keeping it's every bite fresh to eat.

What you’ll get:

  • Prevention from contamination: The dish cover protects the food inside from bacterial transmission and other pollutants in the air. It isolates the food from insects like flies and mosquitos.
  • Maintains temperature: The lid cover is effective in maintaining the temperature of the food. If you place a hot fresh-from-the-oven pizza, it won’t lose its hotness for long if kept under this cover.
  • Long service life: Made with TPR material, the lids are tough and durable, which gives it long service life.
  • Food grade material: The lid covers are made with food-grade, toxic-free, and odorless material that ensures it doesn’t affect food quality. Feel free to store food in it.

Style: 2 short models + 2 high models + 1 cover