Food Slicing Tool Holder

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Make PERFECT Slices Every Time with this food holder!

How you present your dish decides how scrumptious it will taste.

Them lemon slices on the glass rim of your cocktail, perfectly sliced tomato in your salad, pro-cut onions to garnish your curry, or thinly cut potato to make crisps - if you cut them right, they become the creation of a fancy restaurant otherwise look straight out of a noob chef’s kitchen.

Cut, slice, and present like a top chef with our easy-to-use, food slicing tool holder. It will make sure that you get the perfect vegetable or fruit cuttings every time. While the ergonomic handle design guarantees your hands stay protected from unexpected cuts.

What you’ll get:

  • Ergonomic design: Crafted of high-quality ABS plastic, this handy food slicer features a tong rack that helps you achieve perfectly-spaced cuts without accidentally slicing through the entire vegetable or fruit. 

  • One food slicing tool for all: Cut consistently sized slices of lemon, tomato, onion, or fruit with our cutting and slicing tools.

  • Easy to use: To use it, simply place your fruit or vegetable on the rack and push the tongs to close and hold it in place, then make your cuts through the rack. It's as easy as that! 

  • Safe cooking: This innovative device keeps your vegetables or fruits in place as you slice them and your hands are nowhere near the knife’s sharp blade, making your job faster, easier and safer—all the reasons why you need these kitchen tools for cutting vegetables and fruits.