Foot Callus Remover

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Do you feel shy to remove your socks in a gathering?

Is it because of the dead skin on your feet that make them look old?

If yes, get this manual foot callus remover to feel confident as ever and take care of your feet as you do for the rest of your body.

Use it to get rid of callus efficiently without worrying about charging it or having an electric source.  

What you’ll get:

  • Manual use: Use this foot callus remover as you wish. The gadget is entirely under your control. Rub it on the dead skin multiple times to get rid of it. Change the direction as per your need and remove callus from all angles.
  • Safe to use: Made with ABS plastic material, this heel dead skin remover is completely safe to use. Use it after taking a shower to remove callus easily.
  • Comfortable to grip: The handle of the callus remover is ergonomic to hold and has an anti-slip grip, making its use convenient.
  • Portable: Its small size makes it ideal for keeping in your toiletries bag and using it wherever you are.