Foot Scrub Brush

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Having neat and clean feet helps others have a positive view of your personality. In contrast, dirty, cracked, and dead-skin-covered feet impact your overall beauty and make you appear unpleasant to others.

Keeping your feet clean is essential and so, get your feet spotless with this Foot Scrub Brush.

The delicate bristles of this brush eliminate calluses from your feet while giving them a softer, more childlike feel.

What you’ll get:

  • Soft scrubbing: The polypropylene-made soft bristles gently rub your skin. They remove dead skin and calluses with a smooth feel and get your feet cleaned – no dirtier and cracked feet anymore. 
  • No blood circulation disorder: Your blood circulation gets stable when you massage your feet sole on this brush – no more poor blood circulation disorder. 
  • No placing concern: A hole is designed in the base of the brush. It helps you hang this foot scrub brush at any place and stay free from storage concerns. 
  • Quality suction system: The back of the scrub base is equipped with suction cups. They keep this scrub secured in place and avoid slipping.