French Fry Holder For Car

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Are you among the cool moms who are always on the verge of losing patience while driving with kids for food? Why?

Because your little ones don’t have what it takes to make the fries wait.

Or simply because they’re worried that they might get soggy and lose their universal crunch. But, as you know your kids well, you just can’t allow them to make a mess right in your precious car!

Ah, just thinking about it makes you cringe. What if we can get you something that’s solely here to hold your fries? A French fry holder for car. Yep, no more flies flying everywhere in the car!


  • Multipurpose: Our car French fry holder is perfect for holding your french fry cup, mobile phone, juice box, keys, charger, and other snacks.
  • No installation required: This french fries holder for car was made keeping your convenience in mind. So, it is compatible with most vehicles. All you need to do is simply place this fry holder in the console of your automobile. And, there you have it, a designated space for your potato heaven.
  • Keep your fast food in place: If you are among the foodies who can’t wait to reach home to attack the salty and cheesy fries, this fry cup holder can be your savior (well, of course, of your fries first). So enjoy your fries without creating a mess in the car!