Funny Chicken Feet Socks Unisex

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homeandgadget Black/Long Funny Chicken Feet Socks Unisex
homeandgadget White/Long Funny Chicken Feet Socks Unisex
homeandgadget Black/Middle Funny Chicken Feet Socks Unisex
homeandgadget White/Middle Funny Chicken Feet Socks Unisex
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If you are the person with that unique sense of humor or even if you're just a chicken lover at heart, then these are the socks for you!

What a wonderful addition to your sock drawer and what an amusing way of getting noticed. These Funny Chicken Feet Socks are made with 80% cotton, making them comfortable enough to wear all summer long when you're out and about or just wear them around the house. Put them on and walk around town strutting your stuff with your new legs and watch how many people ask you where they can get a pair too! These silly socks are the perfect ice-breaker at house parties or group nights out and they can be worn by both men and womenThey'd make a really great gag-gift, too!

The socks have a very slimming design. When you wear them you'll actually look like you've lost weight in your ankles, only you won't need surgery to accomplish it. Hahaha! Dress up as a Turkey for Thanksgiving or a chicken for Halloween...or you could do both! These socks are tailor made for those occasions and more, they're just that perfect! Time to have some fun!