Geometric Star Cube Fidget Toy

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Everyone knows that a juicy steak savors your tastebuds.

Everyone knows that playing with slime soothes you up.

But did you know, fidgeting with the star cube feels just as great and relaxing?

Yes, this incredible, shape and color-changing star cube puzzle is everything a stressed-out boss, a wailing kid or a creative copywriter wants. At one point, it’s a Rubik’s Cube, at another, a rectangle, and yet another, two stars – each fidget holds a surprise!

What you’ll get:

  • Shape-changing toy: When you unfold this six-sided, six-colored cube, it mysteriously transforms into a myriad of shapes. This star-shaped rubix cube transforms into a twelve-colored cube, a rectangle, two rectangles, a star, two stars, and so on. Every action elicits a shiver of anticipation. The cube comes as a star but can be converted to different shapes with a little effort.
  • Stress reliever & enjoyable pastime: No need to shift to screens in your break during office. Immerse yourself in the transforming star cube puzzle fun instead. Nest the star inside the rectangle, make two rectangles out of one cube, form two cubes out of one star – the possibilities are countless. Turn towards this plastic toy instantly after you have gone through a tough meeting with your executive or are fed up with kids fighting with each other or want a break from studying.
  • Improves concentration: Fidget toys such as this stress cube improves your focus and helps with hand dexterity. They enhance the motor skills of the kids and keep them away from screens.
  • A fun playtime for kids: Give your fighting kids this star cube and get a sigh of relief. They will instantly be engrossed in the magical shape-color transformation of the toy.
  • Fun gift for geeks: This star cube toy is the ideal gift for the geeks and creative thinkers you know about. Make their birthdays special by surprising them with it.