Gesture Remote Control Four Axis Smart Drone

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Does your child spend hours at night looking at the lights of flying airplanes in the sky?

Well, you cannot make him an airplane pilot straight away, but you can surely make him a drone operator with this gesture remote control four axis smart drone.

It is an innovative and super cool gadget that is sure to make your kid fall in love with. Wear the watch control on your hand, and the drone will follow the gestures perfectly.

With obstacle avoidance technology, no need to worry about the drone colliding with the wall or pillars.

What you’ll get:

  • Stable & smooth flight: The drone is very stable to operate in the air. It doesn’t dangle in the air and is easy to control. The gravity induction control system ensures that it takes off and lands smoothly without causing any damage.
  • Hand gesture control: Wear the watch sensor on your hand, and the drone will follow your hand gestures. Take your hand left and right to make the drone go along. An up-down motion of the hand will make the drone do that too.
  • Anti-collision sensor: It doesn’t matter if it takes you some time to learn to fly the drone. It has collision-avoiding technology that won’t let you slam this drone into an obstacle.
  • LED lights for night viewing: The yellow led lights make the drone glow bright and look extra attractive at night time. It also makes it easy to spot the drone in the dark and enables you to have
  • Rechargeable: With a 500mAh battery installed in the drone, it is chargeable. Charge it before going to the park and have fun with family and friends while flying the drone.
  • Excellent gift choice: Surprise the young ones with this gesture remote control four axis smart drone and let them be awed by its tech and innovation. It is an ideal gift on birthdays, Christmas and Thanksgiving.