GlamUp Easy Crease Line Kit

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Do you know impressive eye creases bring an elegant touch to your face?

But it's really difficult to make flawless eye creases as it requires a high level of expertise!

So, do you visit a salon to get your eyes done?

No! You save your time and budget with our GlamUp Easy Crease Line Kit.

Just put your desired spacer into the holder and keep it in your eyelid. Make sure to use the correct crease side for the left and right eyelids sides and color your eyes with your preferred eyeshade.

What you'll get

  • Effortless & flawless eye crease: No more stress of quickly shaping an eye crease outline with this well-crafted eye crease line kit. Just keep it in your eyelids and flawlessly get an attractive look in seconds.
  • Create eye crease of your choice: Whatever eye crease shape you like, including half cut, almond-shaped, natural crease or any other, this crease line kit will perfectly do your job.
  • 100% safe: Don't be concerned about using these creases for your eyes as the material is totally safe to use for your eyes comfortably.
  • Long-term use: Silicone never gets damaged. These creases are washable and reusable. Wash and dry straight away after using them and these won’t betray you for years to come.