Hammer Mallet and Claw Toe Crest Pads

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Almost 3 percent of U.S. adults suffer from claw toe and hammertoes.  If you think about it, that makes about 7 million people. Wooh! That's a lot!

Are you among those with such a painful foot deformity? Poor you. ☹

The abnormal bend in mid and end joints leaves the smaller toe fingers in a curved shape. It could be either due to muscle imbalance or weakness. Good news, people. It Is Flexible! Yep, which means it can be managed well!

The solution? Gel toe crest pads to reduce the pain. This hammer toe straightener will work as a corrector to stop the worsening of your condition.


  • Pain-free toes: The curved fingers can be quite painful and uncomfortable if you stretch them by force. Moreover, they also make it difficult to wear tight shoes or heels—the pain literally double folds. However, our crest pads for toes have a minimalistic ergonomic design that fits comfortably to your fingers. Wear it under your socks or shoes.
  • One size for all: You don't have to worry about your toe fingers being small or large as our orthotics cushion supports can take the form of your foot size.
  • Relieve stress from feet: These can work as mallet, claw, and hammertoe crest pads which can separate your fingers gently to minimize toe tip friction, pressure, or corns.
  • Comfortable wear: The stretchy soft material of the fixed three-ring arc won't irritate your already aching feet.
  • Easy care: These are reusable and can be cleaned with lukewarm water. Make sure to clean the sweat away from supports for longer use.