Hand Squeezer Juicer

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Drinking juice in your daily diet provides you with a good amount of vitamin C.

 But what if your electric juicer is broken?

 Would you skip drinking juice because squeezing fruits with bare hands is difficult?

 You don’t have to!

 Squeeze fresh juice with our Manual Fruit Squeezer in a breeze.

 Convenient to use and filter the juice right away, this hand juicer will let you get juice without hassle.

What you’ll get

  •  Quick Juice preparation: This squeezer is perfectly suited to quickly squeezy juicy and pulpy fruits. Hold both handles of this squeezer and keep the fruit inside. Now, using your thumb, press the upper handle to extract the juice immediately.
  •  Properly filtered juice: The inside layer of a squeezer is built in the shape of a strainer to filter the juice - enjoy a fresh glass of juice without tasting the pulps.
  • Triangular-shaped nozzle: The juice is held in the squeezer's holder and then poured into the glass through the nozzle. The nozzle is designed in V-shape which prevents liquid from falling.
  • Applicable on all fruits: To get the juice from a range of fruits and vegetables, including lemon, lime, oranges, grapefruit, use this squeezer.