Handheld Portable Pooper Scooper With Bags

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Getting rid of your pet's smell bomb droppings should be a breeze. But is that possible in this 21st century?

Not until you get hold of this portable pooper scooper.

So, hurry up!

Carrying your dog's waste by hand or the heavy big-sized pooper scoopers is not something you would like to do, even if you are a dog enthusiast. Rather than placing your hand inside the bag and touching the unpleasant pet's waste, you can use this handy device to pick up the poop.

Become a responsible dog parent by picking up the land mines dropped by him in a mess-free way.


  • No need to find garbage cans: With this product, you will not have to carry the filth in your hands, but it is a mini garbage can in itself. No need to worry if you are in an area that doesn't have dustbins because it has enough storage space to hold poop inside.
  •  Portable and easy to carry: Being extremely light in weight, it is convenient to carry. It has a hook on it that can be used to attach to the pet's collar or harness so that you never forget to bring it along on your daily walks.
  • Contactless poop picker: This portable poop scooper is specially designed so that you don't have to get in contact with the waste, even with a plastic bag wrapped on your hands.
  • Perfect gift for dog parents: You are in good luck if you were looking for a gift to give a dog lover. This is a solution to so many things and is sure to make his life easier and cleaner.