Hanging Car Trash Bin

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You just finished eating fried wings that you bought from a drive-thru. You want to get rid of the trash but can’t see any bin nearby.

Will you throw it by the side of the road? That will be unethical, and you don’t want to do that. So avoid throwing garbage outside of your car by installing this hanging car trash bin with your car seat.

It is easy to install and waterproof to prevent leakage inside the car.

What you’ll get:

  • Portable trash bin: Use this car trash bin to collect all the garbage from your car and dispose of it in a roadside dustbin. It is easily removable and light in weight, making it easy to empty it anywhere you want. It is best suited for long road trips.
  • Multiple hanging options: Hang it on the back of the front seats, by the side doors, or with the gearbox of your car. The choice is yours but it will efficiently keep your car clean from all the litter.
  • Easy installation: The trashbin comes with adjustable straps that you can conveniently install anywhere you want. Once the bin is full open the straps to dispose off the trash easily.
  • No leakage: This garbage bin is made with 100% leakproof material, making it perfect for disposing of liquid or solid trash. Fill it up without worrying about getting your car dirty.