Hanging Dreamcatcher Feather Ornament

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homeandgadget Home Grey / Double circle Hanging Dreamcatcher Feather Ornament
homeandgadget Home Pink / Double circle Hanging Dreamcatcher Feather Ornament
homeandgadget Home White / Single lap Hanging Dreamcatcher Feather Ornament
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Ever had a bad dream that woke you up in the middle of the night feeling frightened and vulnerable? We know it happens often, but now there is a way to avoid it.

No, it doesn’t require any medicine or massage. What you need is this hanging dreamcatcher with feathers. Traditional native Americans legend believes that it disposes of bad and negative dreams from you.

But that’s not the only thing you can use it for. The intricate star surrounded by a ring coupled with hanging figures makes it an appealing adornment as well. Hang it beautifully in your home and receive raving comments from your guests. Don’t forget to say, “Thank you” in return.


  • Protects you from bad dreams: The dreamcatcher with feathers is believed to protect you from bad dreams. The negative dreams are believed to be trapped in the circular web and be disposed of when the first rays of the sun hit them. As for the positive dreams, they trickle down through the hole into the feathers and down on the person.
  • An attractive home décor item: The other benefit of this fine work of art is home décor. Hang it with your entrance door, in your lounge, in your kitchen or by your bed. Even if they don’t prove to filter off bad dreams, they still will grant a welcoming touch to your house.
  • Hang in cars too: You can also hang it in your car because you never know when you would need to snooze there. Beware, though, don’t sleep while driving!