Healthy Growth Liquid Fertilizer - 3 pack

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Plants need more than just water and sunlight to grow. So give your indoor or outdoor plants a boost by adding this healthy growth liquid fertilizer to their soil.

This hydroponic liquid fertilizer is a safer and more efficient alternative to standard solid fertilizers.

Keep your plants green and fresh-looking by giving them all the required nutrients through this fertilizer.

What you’ll get:

  • Enhances nutrient absorption: This liquid fertilizer enhances the efficiency of the plant to absorb essential nutrients from the soil to strengthen its root growth.
  • Promotes germination: This hydroponic fertilizer best suits the plants to promote germination and provide a nurturing environment for the growth of young seedlings.
  • Improve soil quality: Add this fertilizer to the soil to enhance its quality and make it more fertile, perfect for growing plants with the best yield.
  • Enhanced plant health: This liquid fertilizer can revive wilted plants, prolong flowering, and offer resistance against plant-related diseases.
  • Consistent growth: The liquid state of the fertilizer ensures that it spreads across the whole plant, and each part gets nutrients. It also balances the soil's pH level, making it ideal for plant growth.
  • Compatibility: It is ideal for hydroponic, soil culture, bonsai landscaping, and horticultural plants.

*package includes 3 bottles