High Density Foam Yoga Knee Pads

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Yoga, Abs training, and bodyweight training are great – they enhance your fitness, make your muscles stronger, improve your posture, rectify the hormonal imbalance and increase blood flow in the body.

What’s not great is the knee and elbow pain these exercises bring.

But why is that?

It’s because you are not providing enough support to them. That’s where this Yoga Knee Pad will come into play. It provides the padding needed by these joints so that you have a comfortable, pain-free exercise session at your home or gym.


  • Extra support for a pain-free session: Both your knees and elbows need extra support than any other joints of the body because these are the points that have to sustain the maximum load of the body. Made of high-density foam, this yoga kneeling pad gives you that required cushioning and prevents any pains.
  • Multi-variable application: These knee pads for yoga are not only meant for exercise sessions. You can effectively use them when changing a tire of your Sedan, changing the pipes of your sink or gardening.
  • No sweat absorption: We all know how hideous it seems when you have to work out on a pad that is scented with the foul smell of sweat. This yoga knee cushion offers double waterproofing that keeps the sweat away and makes it easier to clean.
  • Wide enough to accommodate anyone: This yoga knee pad measures approximately 11.4 x 7.48 inches which makes it suitable for almost all people with different body shapes and sizes. With a thickness of 0.59 inches, it provides enough cushioning so you can use it on floors, grass and turfs. Buy it for your wives, husbands and gym partners.