Silicone Hair Highlight Cap Kit

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Be honest, have you ever had a bad hair highlighting experience? Once? Twice? That’s it? Seriously?

Oh, where have you been hiding?

Hello, world! We present you, a pro hairdresser slash, the It-guru of our legacy.

No cap, please :p

We heard your inner soul screaming at least ten times, and that’s when you stopped counting the hair-dying failures.

Awee, poor you.

Forget the disasters of DIY plastic bags and foils, and get this hair highlight cap instead. It will let you apply the color uniformly, giving you salon-like even and beautiful highlights.

The hair highlight cap comes with a hook to easily take out the desired hair with no pain. Perfect cap highlights at home? Not difficult anymore!

What you’ll get:

  • Professional silicone highlighting cap: It may take some time to successfully pull all the hair strands out of the holes of the silicone bleaching cap, but surely, the result you’ll get at the end is worth all the effort.

  • Uniform application: It has a random yet even alignment of perforations that ensures your hair doesn’t look like a mess after your home dying session. So, if you need to invest in anything, it is this highlight kit with cap. 

  • Inexpensive cap with expensive experience: This hair highlight cap kit is suitable for short and long hair. Bleach, hair dye, or highlight like a pro hairdresser at home!

How To Highlight Your Own Hair With Cap

Put the highlight hair cap over your head. The tiny holes serve the purpose to pull hair strands out with the help of the hook. The thickness of the highlights depends on the amount of hair you pull out.

And you’ll see noticeable before and after highlight cap results after using the DIY highlight cap.