Hot Air Balloon Cookies Cutter Moulds With Plunger

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Work, house chores, exams, baby look after or busy life – How do you get freedom from all these?

By going on a peaceful trip to the nearest nature-enliven beach or island?

By spending a whole weekend binge-watching your favorite engrossing TV shows or romantic movies?

Try swaying in the hot air balloons this time. The fresh air rubbing against your cheeks, the wavering green fields whizzing under you, birds flying past you – believe us, it will fill you up with calmness and composure.

But till you can’t get over those hot air balloons, bring them into your kitchen with these brilliantly ergonomic hot air balloon cookie cutters. Prepare balloon-shaped cookies, cakes and fondants at will now. They are easy to use, simple to wash and a breeze to store.


  • Gives the exact shape of a hot air balloon: Unlike other cookie cutters that only cut the outer edge of a hot air balloon, this embosser provides full pattern. The secret lies in the plunger. Push down the plunger to emboss the pattern on the fondant sheet or cookie dough and cut it. Decorate the finished item with colorful icing or sprinkles.

  • Non-toxic and health certified: It is made of plastic and is CE/UE certified, which makes it food-grade and non-toxic. Use it for any of your delicate cake decorations, pastry making or cookie baking. 

  • Multi-variable applications: Use this hot air balloon cookie cutter & stamp to cut out relevant shapes of your chocolate-filled cookies, delectable fondants, squishy, sweet jellies or fragrant soaps.