Hot Bowl Holder Dish Clamp

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Have you come across those kitchen mishaps where you would burn your hands touching a hot pan or pot?

It hurts, really. We feel for you. And a great deal. That’s why we bring you this hot pot gripper handle that will allow you to lift the hot pans and dishes from your stove without coming in contact with them.

No more burning hands accidents in the kitchen now. Imagine the money you will save on Neosporin and Bacitracin (ointments for burns):p.


  • Anti-scald handles for easy transfer: No need to use kitchen cloths anymore to transfer hot pans from one place to another (they get wet during the process and have to be dried afterward). This easy-to-use tool contains ABS handles that make the transfer 100% safe and efficient. It cannot lift heavy pots but will do fine with small dishes and pans like frying pans, soup-boiling pots, etc. You often melt chocolate in a dish placed in a boiling pot of water. This tool will be quite handy in such a situation.
  • Great helping tool for camping: This hot bowl holder dish clamp proves to be of great value when camping outdoor. Cooking food in such events is a must and you need something to lift the hot bodies off the stove. The strong Stainless Steel prongs can get the job done in a jiffy.
  • Lightweight & portable: It has an easy-to-carry size and can be taken to grilling parties, camping trips and hiking tours with you. The locking clip allows for easy storage.