One Press Cevapcici Sausage Maker For Making 7 Sausages

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There’s never a bad time to make sausages.

In the summer evening, while having an outdoor family grill party, or on a chilly winter night when your body craves meat, or at the housewarming party of your son or daughter.

But the thing is, how to make so many of them without taking a lot of time?

Easy, get this One Press Cevapcici Sausage Maker that carves out 7 equally-sized sausages just by counting 1,2,3. Prepare an endless supply of sausages without smearing up your hands and provide hungry lips a tasty gift.


  • 7 Equal-sized sausages in one press: This Cevapcici Maker provides you with almost 30 cevapcici in under 4 minutes without compromising their shape or quality. It forces out 2cm (almost) thick sausages into the tray, ready to be grilled or fried.
  • Simple to use: Place the minced meat into the holding cylinder just above halfway down the length. Flatten it using your hand, then insert the presser on top of it and push it down, keeping the tool horizontal to the tray. The pistons will automatically cut the sausages after they are out of t he tool. If not, give it a couple of jerks or use the knife to cut the ends.
  • Optimal clearance to prevent the meat from backing up: There is enough gap in between the walls of the presser and the pressing pistons to prevent the meat from backing up. You can comfortably push down the minced meat and get deliciously-looking sausages in no time at all.
  • Mess-free sausage making: With the one-press cevapcici maker, you can produce sausages without getting sticky beef on your hands. There’s no need to cut small pieces of the minced meat with a knife and then roll them into form one by one with your hands. The tool takes care of everything for you.
  • Easy to wash: Separate the presser from the holding cylinder and wash them separately under the tap. No hard-to-reach crevices or edges are present in the tool. You may need to scrub it with a dishwashing brush if you’ve left it for a long time.