Household Cleaning Duster Gloves

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If you avoid dusting with a cleaning cloth because it makes your hands dirty with all the dirt and moisture, we have your hands covered.

Covered with these household cleaning duster gloves. Wear these and give your house a thorough cleaning without letting the dirt reach your hands. Your hands will remain as soft as ever no matter how much cleaning you do.

These are perfect to clean mirrors, shelves, tables, utensils, or any place you find dirt.

What you’ll get:

  • Efficient cleaning: The diamond-shaped design of the cloth makes it ideal for cleaning. It offers good friction and makes it convenient to wipe all the dust.
  • Comfortable material: You can quickly wear the gloves on your hands and get busy cleaning. The bamboo fiber and non-woven fabric make the gloves extremely soft and comfortable to wear for a long duration.  
  • Reusable gloves: The gloves are wash-friendly; once used, you can wash and dry them for resuing.
  • Wide application: This cleaning cloth is suitable for cleaning window panes, kitchen countertops, tables, utensils, etc.

Non-woven wipes*10