Hydro Dermabrasion Kit

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No matter how hard you scrub your face, do the blackheads stay in their place to ruin your skin?

If yes, that must take a toll on your beauty. So, get this hydro dermabrasion kit and make it your personal facial care specialist gadget.

You’ll be disgustingly pleased to see the amount of dirt it sucks from your skin to give you a glowing appearance.

With 6 replaceable probe heads, this device is multi-beneficial and ideal for complete facial care.

What you’ll get:

  • 3 operation modes: This kit is equipped with 3 working modes. The dry mode is low suction for sensitive and dry skin, the neutral mode is medium suction for neutral skin, and the oily mode is high suction for mixed and oily skin.
  • 6 changeable heads: With 6 kinds of suction cups of varying sizes, this hydro dermabrasion kit is convenient for every part of your face. Forehead, nose, upper lips, cheeks, and chin, all areas are
  • 5-in-1 functions: This multi-beneficial gadget is useful as a blackhead remover, facial cleanser, facial inductor, stripe lighter, and repair apparatus that absorbs facial dirt to give you a baby-like smooth skin.
  • Safe to use: This kit has a partitioned solution bottle to prevent the mixing of clean and dirty solutions before and after the facial cleansing.