Ice Cup Mold Ice Glass Maker Mold

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Bored of the old-style ceramic or plastic cups to drink your favorite beverage?

Get chilled this summer with this ice cup mold ice glass maker mold and sip your favorite drinks in the coolest and most innovative way.

Use this mold to make ice mugs and the plastic cup holder to hold the freezing cup comfortably. Fill the cup with any drink you want to drink and let go of all the weather heat.

No need to add extra ice to cool the drink because the mug itself is ice.

What you'll get:

  • Cool mug design: Use these ice cups to serve your guests, and they'll surely love the uniqueness. It's time you get rid of the ceramic or glass made cups and use these ice mugs that are a lot of fun and creative to use.
  • Easy to use: Fill the ice cup mold with water or your desired drink. Let it freeze for 6-8 hours. Extract the ice when frozen and put it in the cupholder. Fill the ice cup with the drink and enjoy summers like never before.
  • Ideal for parties: Add a fun-filled vibe to gatherings and parties. Kids and adults both will equally love being served drinks in these cold ice cups.
  • Multi-use: You can ideally use this ice cup mold ice glass maker mold to serve jellies, frozen yogurt, pudding, fruit juice, and a lot more.