4-Hole Ice Ball Make Ice Box

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There is nothing better than ice-chilling drinks to quench your thirst in the summers. Be it juice, cocktail, or whiskey; no drink seems good enough without some ice in it.

But the ordinary ice cubes are no good either. You need something extra to give your drinks a luxurious and presentable look.

Make use of this 4-Hole ice ball make ice box to get unique, round crystal-like ice balls that will surely be eye-catching at your house warming parties.  


  • Food-grade safe material: Made with food-grade plastic material, you need not worry about using the box for freezing ice balls in it.
  • Unique shape: Say goodbye to ordinary-shaped ice cubes and welcome these round sphere-shaped ice balls in your drinks. Your guests will be surprised when you’ll serve them drinks with these cool ice balls in them.
  • Multipurpose: Not just for ice, but the mold can be used to make chocolate balls for desserts or fruit-infused ice balls for picnics.
  • Easy to use: Fill the base mold (without holes) with water and cover it with top mold (with holes) so that the excess content overflows and you get perfectly shaped ice balls. To bring out the frozen ice balls, rinse the mold in cold water and then twist the lattice left and right to get the ice balls out.